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    Welcome to our Barbie-themed webshop, where magic and imagination meet fashion and fun! Dive into a world of endless possibilities with our curated collection of Barbie dolls, accessories, and playsets. From iconic dolls dressed in the latest trends to dreamy dreamhouses and adventurous vehicles, we've got everything a Barbie enthusiast could wish for. Explore our vibrant inventory and let your imagination soar with Barbie!

  • Clementoni


    Clementoni Toys

    Unlock a world of learning and fun with Clementoni Toys! Known for their educational and engaging products, Clementoni offers a wide range of toys designed to stimulate children's minds, inspire creativity, and promote development through play. Perfect for kids of all ages, Clementoni toys are the ideal blend of entertainment and education.

  • DC Comics

    DC Comics

    View our current stock of DC Comics Collectibles here, simply order and pay afterwards.

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  • Funko | Funko Pops | Online Funko pops

    Funko | Funko Pops | Online Funko pops

    Funko Pop! figures, have become a sensation among collectors and pop culture enthusiasts around the world. These colorful collectible figures are a great way to own and cherish your favorite icons in miniature form.

    Featuring an impressive range of different characters based on films, TV series, video games, comics, and more, Funko Pop! figures a wealth of choices for true fans. Whether you love classic superheroes, are enchanted by the magical world of Harry Potter or are a big fan of the characters from Star Wars, Funko has transformed almost every conceivable pop culture franchise into these 9 cm high Funko pop figures.

    Nice to give, but also definitely worth buying for yourself, all Funko pops are delivered in a beautiful colorful window box. Funko pops have even become an excellent investment, the value of these Funko pops can increase significantly to unprecedented heights.

  • Geomag


    GEOMAG is an ingenious but simple construction system with magnetic rods and chrome-plated steel balls. This allows you to build an infinite number of three-dimensional constructions.

    And this in turn encourages creativity and logical thinking, stimulates manual dexterity and spatial insight and develops the construction skills.

  • Hasbro


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  • Hero Collector

    Hero Collector

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    Hot Wheels Collectibles

    Welcome to our Hot Wheels haven! Unleash adrenaline with our vast selection of cars, tracks, and accessories. Ignite your passion for speed and thrills today!



    THAMES & KOSMOS, founded in 2001, is a publisher of scientific technical toys and teaching materials for children and young adults.

    The science sets cover topics such as biology, physics, astronomy, engineering and alternative energy.

    The company emphasizes teaching real-world issues, STEM topics, and practical skills through hands-on experiments and easy-to-follow guides.

    Generations of European children have discovered their enthusiasm for science through the THAMES & KOSMOS science sets. They are also highly valued by parents and teachers.

    THAMES & KOSMOS has won dozens of awards: an ongoing program of new products ensures that THAMES & KOSMOS has articles that are relevant to topics children learn at school.

  • Lego


    Welcome to our LEGO wonderland! Immerse yourself in endless creativity with our vast array of bricks, sets, and minifigures. From iconic landmarks to imaginative worlds, build your dreams with LEGO today!

  • Mattel


    View our current stock of Mattel Toys here, easily order all Mattel toys and pay afterwards.

  • NiCi | Pluche Collectibels

    NiCi | Pluche Collectibels

    NICI is a brand that has been successful worldwide for more than 30 years. The organization focuses on top quality and safety for all products they develop. The designers and product developers of NICI put all their knowledge and love into their creations. In addition to the top quality they strive for, their catchy designs, sustainability and sense of responsibility for natural resources and the new generation have priority.

  • Playmobil


    Welcome to our Playmobil paradise! Dive into a world of imaginative play with our vast selection of themed sets, figures, and accessories. From bustling cities to magical kingdoms, embark on exciting adventures and create unforgettable stories with Playmobil!

  • Q Figs | Quantum Mechanix

    Q Figs | Quantum Mechanix

    Q-Figs from Quantum Mechanix capture the action and emotion of favorite pop culture characters and transform them into a crazy, cute figure that every collector of the genre will fall for.

    Q-Figs are available in different variations and types; the small but charming Q-Fig dioramas, the larger Q-Fig Max, which contain multiple figures or large diorama scenes, and the all-new Q-Master – a more detailed figurative sculpture on a larger scale.



    Our toys believe that the best stories are deeply imaginative, free from silly adult limitations and stimulated by children's boundless curiosity. Schleich® wants our toys to be just as magical, childlike and curious.

    We completely agree! That's why our new brand values ​​are:

    What would happen if...?

    Why not?

    And then...



    So Slime DIY Toys

    Dive into the colorful, gooey world of So Slime DIY Toys! Perfect for kids who love to get creative and hands-on, these DIY slime kits provide endless fun and imaginative play. Whether you’re mixing up a storm or adding sparkly surprises, So Slime DIY brings out the artist in every child.



    Spin Master is best known for its innovation in toys and games including award-winning brands like PAW Patrol®, Bakugan®, Kinetic Sand®, Air Hogs®, Hatchimals®, Rubik’s Cube® and GUND®, and is the global toy licensee for other popular properties.



    Toi-Toys has specialized in affordable toys for more than 30 years. Trendy and safe



    ZURU is a brand that stands for creativity, in the broadest sense of the word. ZURU wants to inspire children not to be held back by limiting thoughts. Everything you can think, you can do. Everything you design, you can also build. When you unleash creativity and imagination, you unleash innovation, connection and fun. ZURU stands for improvement, quality and affordability for everyone.